208 Curb Prices

  • Basic concrete curbing: starts at $6.50 / linear foot
  • Sod removal and foundation prep: $1.00 / linear foot
  • Remove old concrete curbing: $2.00 / linear foot
  • Colored concrete or sealant: $1.00 / linear foot
  • Decorative stamps contact us for a free custom quote. View our wide number of options

“We haul away all sod or old material that we remove and dispose of it, so you don’t need to worry about taking care of it.”

All pricing is subject to onsite bid with a written quote. All quotes are good for 30 days, or until scheduled (whichever comes first).

We accept most forms of payment: Cash, Check, Credit Card*, Venmo*, Paypal* 
*additional fees may apply


rock garden with curbing