The 208 Curb Process

Pre-Curbing steps:

close-up of curbingStep #1: The first step in our process is the initial meeting and estimate. One of our designers will meet with you to go over the area you want curbed. At this time, correct measurements are taken to give the customer the most accurate cost of the project. Depending on the amount of work done, most estimates take about 30 minutes. We will go through the choices and patterns that will best suit your property. If you choose to move forward you can be added to our schedule right away, or call us when you’re ready. Either way we will send you a digital quote.

Step #2: To meet one more time before we start pouring the job. A designated designer will typically meet with you to go through the location where the curbing will be poured. We need to make sure everyone is on the same page to ensure customer satisfaction. We listen to what you want, and provide any professional viewpoints. We then use spray-paint to trace the location of the curbing, so you can see the layout for the new landscaping.

Step #3: We start the job! Upon arrival, we’ll meet with the homeowner and go through everything that has been decided on. We’ll go over any questions or last-minute changes you may have, as we always want to make sure the job will be completed to the customer’s liking and expectations.

Step #4: After the job is complete we will walk through the final results with the homeowner. We will provide care instructions and set a call back time to answer any questions. We can take payment after the project is finished or send payment links with your final digital invoice.

During the Job Process:

Prepping: Employees will set up equipment to prepare to start the process. You don’t need to worry about a mess being made in your yard. The heaviest piece of equipment that goes through any yard is normally the wheelbarrow. We will also be hooking up a hose to the house water bib so concrete can be mixed properly.

Trenching: We follow the sprayed-out area where the landscape border will be installed with our bed-edger. This cuts out the grass, making a path so the curb can be installed properly. The soil is ground-up and pulverized, making great soil that you can keep and reuse, or 208 Curbs can dispose of it for you.

Mixing the Cement: Once all marked areas are trenched and prepped, the mixing process begins. 208 Curbs’ our own blend of mixes makes the strongest, most durable concrete curb edging. The mix is dumped into a wheelbarrow and taken to the curb machine where the cement will be extruded and finished to give it the final look. Also, during this process, CABLE RE-INFORCEMENT is placed through the center of the curb. Through the harsh, up-and-down temperatures in Idaho during winter, this cable prevents the curb from separating, making the curbing strong and long-lasting for you to enjoy for years to come.

Finishing: Having a strong finisher is a must when it comes to landscape curb edging. Experience is a must for this crucial part of the job, making sure all voids are smoothed out, giving the edging a smooth and professional look. We hold training sessions with all of our crew members to ensure they are well-prepared for any job.

Stamping and Control Joints: To give landscape curbing the best possible look, choose from a variety of stamps to get the look you want. All stamps are applied with a release agent to make the patterns stand out. Stamps rolled on or hand pressed in with tools to create the desired look. This takes place once the curb has been properly finished. Once the curb is stamped, the next step is to make joints in the curb in the correct spots to prevent cracking. These expansion joints are placed roughly every 2 feet, to give the curb some flexibility throughout the freeze-thaw cycle we get in Idaho.

Sealing: Sealing is the final process of installing your landscape edging. This will protect the curb from the sun’s UV rays, and prevent the color of the curbing from fading. This process should be repeated every two years to keep the curb protected. This process can be done by the homeowner. We can recommend sealers if you like.

Enjoying your Curb: Now enjoy your curbing, low-maintenance and beautiful, clean-looking landscaping.

Contact us with any questions or concerns.